In print I explore colour through silk screen and polychromatic print techniques, these are mono prints and therefore unique and individual.

All prints have been produced using acrylic paint on standard paper and measure 56 x 76 cm (unless other wise stated).

Contrast Collection Prints


There are sixty prints in the Contrast Collection, thirteen of which have been framed in white wood and float mounted, these trimmed, framed prints measure 61 x 61 cm. The unframed prints are untrimmed and measure 56 x 76 cm and can be viewed on request.

Colour Collection Prints


This collection of prints are based on exploring various greys in an unrestricted setting and then adding selected secondary colours. There are fifty unmounted prints in this collection and most are printed on standard paper 56 x 76 cm. .

The Attraction of the Moon Collection


These prints describe the gravitational pull of the moon on the sea which creates tides and waves. Each day there are two high and two low tides and there are approximately 12 hours and 25 minutes between the two high tides. The changes in colours represent the movement of the tide and its visual effect on the beach. There are twelve prints in this collection which are framed in white wood and are all 85 x 62 cm.