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A commission is a collaboration between the client and the artist. 
It is a combination of your preferences with my style and observations. Here are some of the commissions I have completed; they are all in oil paint on various supports.

Jane and Ross's painting - Sandwich Sunrise
A couple came to see my show at the Pie Factory and wanted to buy one of my paintings, but couldn't agree on which one. We came to an agreement where they would send me some photos of the views where they lived and I would produce some visuals for them. They could then choose one of these for a large commission and they were in agreement with the final painting.

Botany Bay Sunset, oil on board, 85 x122 cm.

This painting was commissioned by a wonderful lady who observed this sunset as she walked her dogs, on Botany beach as the sun was setting. She took a photograph with her phone and sent me the image to work from. After producing a small visual for approval, I then went on to complete the large painting, which is now in the entrance hall of her new home. 

Sunset Sue Tew for web.jpg

Botany Bay Sunrise, oil on board, 44 x 61 cm.

This painting is a copy of an original which sold in an exhibition in Nice Things Ramsgate. The client wanted to buy the original painting and was upset when the gallery owner told her it had already sold. I was commissioned to paint another painting as close as I could to the original and the client was very pleased with the end result.

Pat's commission for web.jpg

Purple Abstract, oil on board, 74 x 153 cm.

The original of this painting was a very small print, which the client saw in a Ramsgate gallery and asked me to produce a version of it to a much larger scale and it worked out very well.

Beryl's painting for web.jpg

Abstract Landscape, oil on canvas, 48 x 92 cm.

This painting was commissioned by a couple that had just decorated their lounge and wanted a large painting that reflected the colours within the room. I produced a small visual for their approval and then painted the larger final piece, which they were very happy with.

L & Js Painting for web.jpg

The Commission Process

I can undertake painting commissions from my studio at home or visit you at your home to get a feel of where the painting will be situated.


Once we have had an initial discussion on size, composition, cost, etc, I will send you an agreement document detailing all aspects of the project that have been discussed. I ask for a 40% deposit before I begin work on the piece with the remainder due on completion.


When the painting is close to completion, you can visit me in my studio to see the painting or I will send you a photograph of the work for your approval. At this stage small adjustments can be made and I am happy to make three small adjustments.

Once you have approved the final image, I will send you your completion invoice with details of how to make payment. When this has been received, I will send your commission by courier to your address or deliver the commission myself.

Please be aware that an oil painting cannot be delivered until it is at least 'touch dry' which will take 3-4 weeks following completion.


I retain the copyright on all the artwork I produce, this includes the right to use images of the artwork in promotional material, limited edition prints and art cards or on my website.

You may not reproduce any piece of artwork or print in any form without prior permission. Limited Edition Prints and Art Cards featuring the commissioned artwork may be obtained from me.

Copyright and reference photographs

Please make sure that you hold the copyright on any photographs that you wish to use as reference material. If you do not own photographs, you must have permission from the copyright holder for the photograph/s to be used as the basis for a commission, this will form part of a signed agreement between us before a painting commission is undertaken.

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