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Teaching Art

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I am guided by the aspirations of what each student would like to learn. This can be one to one or in small groups. I teach at my home in Ramsgate, which is very convenient for parking. My teaching is grounded in the values of observational drawing and painting, thereby teaching students to become visually aware. I believe this gives them the skills to develop their own style and creative voice. 

There are three optional, introductory, four week courses in observational drawing, an introduction to colour and abstract mixed media. However, these courses are not compulsory and if a student has a clear idea of what they want to learn, I can develop a personal learning plan for them.


Each session takes two and a half hours and runs on Wednesdays, with classes starting at 10am. Further days are coming soon (contact me for more details), and general materials are provided. 

On completion of these courses, students naturally find a path to their creative ambitions and further development. We then work together to plan lessons crafted personally for the individual.

The formal elements of drawing course

Designed to introduce students to the formal elements of drawing
Using still life objects in a studio environment
Exploring materials
How to set up still life objects and how light affects them

We will draw objects using the elements of line
Tonal values
One point perspective


Lesson 1

How to measure and judge angles for still life and record these in line. 

Lesson 2

How to draw for still life by recording tonal values, shape and negative shape.

Lesson 3

How to draw objects describing pattern and texture.


Lesson 4

How to draw using one point perspective by observing and drawing the studio.

The introduction to colour and painting course


This course covers how to mix colours, identify warm, cool, complementary, harmonious and relative colours. The students will learn how to use water colour, acrylics and water based oils

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Lesson 1

From materials provided, produce a twelve sectioned colour wheel, using the three primary colours, exploring tints, shades and tones.

Lesson 2

An introduction into warm and cool, complementary, harmonious and relative colours.

Lesson 3

Produce a painting of a vase of green plants, using the three primary colours.

Lesson 4

From items and flowers provided, produce a painting using the three primary colours.


Abstract mixed media course 

Abstract course exploring the journey from figurative, abstracted and abstract art.

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Lesson 1

From objects provided, draw out the basic shapes, simplifying them down to simple forms.

Lesson two

Experiment by painting details of the still life, editing out unnecessary elements. 

Lesson 3

Produce various layering templates, explore size, colour, shapes, using various materials

Lesson 4

Use limited colour and explore the use of many different materials

Contact me to start your artistic journey now

Call me on 07780707053 or Email me here

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