Teaching Art

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My teaching is very flexible and can be tailor made for individuals who want to work one to one or for those who prefer to work in small groups. I am based in a charming studio in the center of Ramsgate which is very convenient for parking, cafes and shops. Graded as outstanding by Ofsted, my teaching is grounded in the values of observational drawing and painting, thereby teaching students to see. I believe this gives the students the skills to then go on and develop their own style and creative voice. 

Taster Observational Drawing Course

This is a six week course for two and a half hours per session, designed to introduce students to the formal elements of drawing, using still life objects in a studio environment.


We will explore materials, how to set up still life objects and how light affects them.

Draw objects using the elements of line, tonal values, shape, pattern and texture.

Look at one point perspective, life drawing from the model and portraiture.


Lesson 1

How to measure and judge angles for still life and record these in line.  


Lesson 2

How to draw for still life by recording tonal values, shape and negative shape.

Lesson 3

How to draw objects describing pattern and texture.


Lesson 4

How to draw using one point perspective by observing and drawing the studio.


Lesson 5

The basics of how to draw from the life model, using a volunteer or various students who will

take turns in drawing each other.


Lesson 6

The basics of how to draw portraits with a volunteer or various students who will

take turns in drawing each other.




Further additional courses

The formal element of colour

Water colour painting

Oil and acrylic painting

Abstract painting

Various History of Art lectures on painters, paintings, movements, etc.