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Passion for Colour

I have always worked in a creative environment, firstly as an illustrator, then as a graphic designer, where I developed my own company DW Design. Later, I trained as an art teacher and taught in many different establishments, including several prisons.

After moving to Kent from London, I was inspired to paint this beautiful landscape. More recently I have been experimenting by incorporating gold metal leaf into my work, which has added another dimension.  I am intrigued by the tenuous link between the figurative and the abstract, which I am constantly aware of, especially in the landscape.

Here are some examples of my paintings, which include a commission.

Golden Sunset 170423.jpg

Golden Sunrise
On a hot summer's morning, as the sun rises the sky can 
turn to a golden glow.

Painted on board, in oil paint and gold metal leaf,

52 x 52 cm, framed in grey wood.

Purple Sunset

After a hot, sunny day, the sky over Ramsgate can turn to purple as the sun is setting. This oil painting has the addition of gold metal leaf, to enhance the colours. Painted on board, 70 x 70 cm, framed in gold wood, for sale £600. 

2 Gold 170423.jpg

Gilded Sunrise

On a warm, clear, break of day, just as the sun rises on the horizon, a golden line appears. This large painting is produced using oil paint and gold metal leaf, on canvas, 108 x 133 cm, framed in gold metal leaf.

Sandwich Sunset
was a commission capturing a beautiful sunset observed by the clients. It's a large oil painting, 100 x 150 cm, on canvas.

Calm at Last
is an oil painting on canvas, which describes the cool colours present after a stormy night. Its size is 56 x 106 cm, framed in cream wood, for sale at £500. 

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